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University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Summary: A hormone with anti-diabetic properties also reduces depression-like symptoms in mice.

The finding offers a novel target for treating depression.

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The hormone, called adiponectin, is secreted by adipose tissue and sensitizes the body to the action of insulin, a hormone that lowers blood sugar. Lu said.

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Facing Goliath over and over In the study mice were exposed to 14 days of repeated social defeat stress. Each male mouse was introduced to the home cage of an unfamiliar, aggressive resident mouse for 10 minutes and physically defeated.

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After the defeat, the resident mouse and the intruder mouse each were housed in half of the cage separated by a perforated plastic divider to allow visual, olfactory and auditory contact for the remainder of the hour period. Mice were exposed to a new resident mouse cage and subjected to social defeat each day.

A vércukor-vizsgálat helyes neve Once diabetes is diagnosed and annually thereafterurinary albumin level should be monitored so that nephropathy can be detected early. Monitoring can be done by measuring the albumin:creatinine ratio on a spot urine specimen or total urinary albumin in a hour collection. Ehhez hozzátartozik a láb megtekintése fekélyek, alakbeli elváltozások, fertőzések felismerésérea láb artériájának megtapintása.

Plasma adiponectin concentrations were determined after the last social defeat session. Defeated mice displayed lower plasma adiponectin levels.

Marcela Pacheco Cifuentes Use of collagen and negative pressure wound therapy in a diabetic foot ulcer: a case study SINOPSIS : The following case study describes the use of a collagen layer in combination with negative pressure wound therapy in a diabetic foot ulcer, treated in a hospital in Chile. The treatment carried out avoided amputation of the foot of the patient who, at 64 years of age, maintained his independence and quality of life Az 1-es típusú diabetes mellitus T1DM- betegek körében az evészavarok előfordulása az átlagpopulációhoz képest körülbelül kétszeresre tehető. Ez a komorbiditás különösen veszélyes mind a magas mortalitási rizikó, mind a súlyos szövődmények lehetősége miatt. Az evészavarban szenvedő, T1DM-mel élő gyermekek és fiatalok hatékony kezelése a diabetológusok, pszichiáterek, pszichológusok, nővérek és dietetikusok összehangolt munkájával valósítható meg

Withdrawal, lost pleasure and helplessness When adiponectin concentrations were reduced by deleting one allele of the adiponectin gene or by a neutralizing antibody, mice were more susceptible to stress-induced social withdrawal, anhedonia lost capacity to experience pleasure and learned helplessness. Mice that were fed a high-fat diet 60 percent calories from fat for 16 weeks developed obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Hogyan lehet gyógyítani a cukorbetegséget a neumyvakinu-n Cukorbetegség esetén a keményítőre csókolhat Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and is characterized by high levels of glucose sugar in the blood.

Administration of adiponectin to these mice and mice of normal weight produced antidepressant-like effects. Possible innovative approach for depression "These findings suggest a critical role of adiponectin in the development of depressive-like behaviors and may lead to an innovative therapeutic approach to fight depression," Dr.

A novel approach would benefit thousands.

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Unfortunately, the use of current antidepressants can worsen the control of diabetic patients. Adiponectin, with its anti-diabetic activity, would serve as an innovative therapeutic target for depression treatments, especially for those individuals with diabetes or prediabetes and perhaps those who fail to respond to currently available antidepressants.

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Adiponectin is critical in determining susceptibility to depressive behaviors and has antidepressant-like activity.