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Another important task of dermatology is skin cancer screening and to differentiate cancer from benign skin lesions.

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However, the premise of the recovery is early detection and the appropriate surgical removal of the tumour. Therefore, the importance of regular dermatology screenings and the expertise of a specialist should be emphasised.

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An experienced specialist can predict from the skin lesions hidden diseases and their prognosis. The diseases of the skin can also be caused by allergies or an infection.

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Most skin diseases also cause also an aesthetic problem, therefore, these should be treated even if the lesion itself is not dangerous. Eczema Eczema dermatitis is the most common inflammatory disease of the skin, which is characterised by itching blisters, papulas and erythema redness of the skin.

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If scratched, it can result in bleeding and peeling of the skin. Dermato- and onchomycosis fungal diabetic itching cure of the skin and the nails Dermato- and onchomycosis are caused by some types of fungi which infect the nails, the nail bed and the skin surface below the nails.

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The fungi penetrate the body through injuries of the skin surrounding the nail or through the gap between the nail bed and the nail. In healthy people, nail fungus does not cause a significant problem, however, in diabetic and immunocompromised people it can cause serious problems. Pimpled skin This is one of the most common diseases affecting, predominantly, teenagers.

However, it also commonly occurs in adults.

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Pimples or acne arise, specifically, as a result of an obstruction to the outlet of the sebaceous glands. This can be caused by an oily cream, dead skin cells or some kind of contamination. It most commonly occurs on the face, on the neck and on the shoulders, on the back and on the chest, because these areas contain the most sebaceous glands. Psoriasis Psoriasis is caused by keratinocyte hyperproliferation.


Both environmental factors and genes play a role in its development. Psoriasis can affect men and women, children and the elderly, as well. There is no cure for psoriasis, but with treatment, quality of life can be significantly increased.

Melanoma, skin cancer One of the most common diseases of our era is skin cancer. That it is why the significance of regular dermatology screenings cannot be emphasised enough. Tick bites, Lyme disease Lyme disease is an infection spread by the bite of infected ticks. Its first symptoms affect the skin, later reach the nervous system and, in diabetic itching cure cases, muscle and joint pain can occur. The disease is transmitted through the bite of infected ticks, it does not spread sexually or by blood transfusions.

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Birthmark removal If a birthmark turns out to be malignant, then the lesion must be removed to prevent metastasis.

Skin tag removal The treatment of skin tags depends on the specific area and on whether its presence causes any problems to the patient or not.

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Usually tags are painless, so if they are not in an inappropriate place, it is not necessary to remove them. However, if, because of the problematic site, it irritates easily, gets caught by clothing or causes aesthetic problems, then it is worth removing.


The most typical is the common wart it occurs mainly on the fingers, back of hands and on the soles of feet. Other common forms are the flat wart on the face, back of handswater wart molluscum contagiosum, in children everywhere on the body, in adults around the genitals and hanging wart on the face, neck and the axillary region.

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They cause discomfort to the patient and they are also contagious, thus, it is justifiable to be removed by a specialist. One of the most effective and gentlest way of removal is freezing with liquid nitrogen. Sensitive skin The protective function of the skin is not equally active for every individual.

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For people with sensitive skin a small contamination can cause erythema or in more severe cases inflammation. At MeDoc Health Centre we have a state of the art, FotoFinder videodermoscope Vexia studio birthmark screening equipmentwhich is one of the top models of its category.

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It is important to inform the specialist of any skin disease in the family diabetic itching cure by the patient. After the diagnosis, the specialist informs the patient about the therapeutic options along with possible side effects and the kezelése asd cukorbetegség duration of the recovery period.

Follow-up appointments are set, if required.